3 Beer Collectibles to gift to your friends without burning your purse strings

Summer Bira 91 collectibles are for fun getaways, get-togethers and serve as a great gifting option. They are the catalyst for socializing and have been a major part of our lives. As we all know, collecting is a fun activity, regardless of how and why we do it, it is exciting and adds thrill to our lives. 

Inspired by the pop culture and the love for beer and brewing, Bira 91 brings to you a wide range of products that features wild & eye-catchy designs that will certainly bring quirk to your dull life. While you are sipping on your cooler, make sure to spice it up with beer collectibles for a better experience. Read further to know what Bira 91 has in store for you – 

Plan a playful getaway this Sunday afternoon with your pals and take along the Blonde Summer Lager Volleyball ‘coz this is what you would need to make the sunny day a fun day. Trust us, this volleyball is sturdy as it’s made with hand-stitched rubber and designed with perfection to match the sunset at the beach – so, throw the summer volleyball in the sun & enjoy the sporty necessity.

Fit your essentials in the season’s favorite tote bag available in three colors – blue, black and white. Our love for totes may never end, they are comfortable, will help you to fit your necessities without burdening your shoulders. So give your backpack a rest and opt for the trendy tote to break the monotony. Don’t worry, these are bags are fashion approved so bag it while it’s in trend.

What could be a better gift than the Bira91 collectibles pack? A set of six coasters and ten character stickers for the Bira lovers, this pack is your chillin' necessity. Packed with hand-crafted pine coasters and matte finished stickers, these are the coolest gifting option to give to your buddies without burning your purse strings. So grab a beer and opt for the quirky gifting option and see your friends go gaga!

Now that you have seen our favorite gifting options, check out collection for more such exciting products that you can own and gift for memorable experiences and flavorsome friendships. Explore a range of beer fridge magnets, key chains, playing cards and so much more. Tap on the link to explore the Bira 91 Collectibles - https://shop.bira91.com/collections/collectibles

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