Celebrate New Year's Eve Party With These Home Bar Essentials!

2021 is looming and if you want to bid goodbye to the 2020 year by going out for a New Year's Eve party, then; let us remind you that we are still in a pandemic. No doubt, 2020 has been a challenging year, and most of us are waiting to welcome the New Year with a celebration to forget all the hardships we have faced this year. And let's be honest, we all deserve a little break to let loose and not worry about the next day. For that, we have come up with a better idea for you to have a gala time with your friends and family for the New Year's Eve party. This year, let's all stay in, avoid the crowd-filled places, and celebrate in the comfort of our homes when the clock strikes twelve. And what better way to start the year than enjoying a fresh cold beer at your home with your buddies and taking the experience to another level with fun games & accessories. Here's our list of home bar essentials that would give you a whole new experience of enjoying your beer this New Year!

Must-have Glasses

Let's start with the home bar must-have! Clinking glasses & sipping on your favorite beer in sturdy glasses is a quintessential New Year's Eve ritual. Enjoy every gulp of Bira 91 in sturdy glasses that features a subtle hint of color and pours 330 ml per glass. This may be the time to add a bit of freshness to your regular service ware and relish your beer, so shop the authentic beer glasses online.

Beer in Abundance 

Get your hands on the most sought-after beer pitcher from Bira 91. This will be a classic touch to your tabletop and will keep your beer fresh for a long time. Make your drinking experience top-notch because you are going to need this to enjoy a beer in abundance. Our pitch features a curvy side handle that makes it super easy to pour beer without any hassle!

Fun & Games

What's a party without some fun & games? Start the year by enjoying your New Year's Eve party with your buddies on a happy note with games that are best paired with your favorite beer. We have Beeropoly that will be the perfect way to break the ice & get the party started with fun beer challenges! We also have the classic beer pong core game that is easy and can get everyone together in a room to play & have the best time. These two games will definitely add to your home drinking experience and get the party rolling!

That's all, folks! This was our list of home bar essentials that you must have if you are hosting the New Year's Eve party to enjoy home-drinking with your buddies!
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