Cool and funky beer collectibles to have!

Downing bottles of beer on hot weekends of the summer really catches our fantasy, right? And it’s a blast when you are just lazing around on a Saturday afternoon with your friends on a weekend get-away, sheerly enjoying the moment in hand. But hold on… what if in the middle of your party filled mood you look around and the ambience of the place feels just bleh, you know? The dull environment could totally kill your mood! But hey, we have got your back. The cute and funky looking beer collectibles from us are your savior for the mood. Let these beer collectibles be the reflection of your eccentric personality.

Set of 6 glasses

You can now throw a house party without having to worry about the serving glasses. This set of 6 glasses is going to take care of your guests and will ensure they have a fun time sipping the drink from their glass.

Coasters and bottle openers

Now serve your cool cocktails made at home on these coasters to add to the fun spirit of the room. You also get 2 bottle openers with this that have the classic Bira mascot printed on them. Ain’t that cool stuff?

Cushion covers

Jazz up the space of your living room with these wild cushion covers from Bira! They will not only add life to your living space but also change the whole look of your pad. The cushion covers have really peppy colors to uplift the mood of the inhabitants.

Can cooler bag

You are all sorted when on the go with your bros for a weekend breather away from work. Pack your beer cans in this Blonde Summer Lager- can cooler bag and have a fantastic road trip with your boy gang. Easy to carry, this can cooler bag will keep your beer cans chilled for hours.

Tote bag

A very spacious tote bag that you can literally take anywhere for your convenience is a necessity. With this tote bag, you can keep it cool as it will only add a fun element to your outfit and will also serve a good purpose.

That’s all for today, fellas! Keep your eyes rolling on the latest beer collectibles on our website. Shop now!
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