Double the fun this summer with Beer Glasses to enhance your beer

Beer is one of the oldest & the most beloved beverages, a part of many cultures, and savoured universally. Today, there are over 40 different kinds of beer. Nearly everyone has a specific glass they would want their beverage to be served in to get the best flavour and experience. And with the amount of stress from work from office again, there’s nothing like coming home, laying back and enjoying an ice-cold drink after work.

Beer enthusiasts know that shape of beer glass can have a world of difference in the quality of the beverage. Using a beer mug or beer Teku glass instead of a pint will affect the taste & quality depending on the type of beer you enjoy. Beer mugs are not just ideal for drinking lagers but are great for all kinds of amber ales, stouts, and brown ales. Not only can custom beer glasses typically hold more beer than a standard pint or bottle but holding it by the handle helps keep your beer cold. And with that, we are serving you & your friends your favourite summer drinks in the coolest mugs from our service ware collection.


Apart from the standard big mugs, we bring in another variety called Teku Glasses. It is a known fact that Teku glasses were the first beer glasses used in ancient times. The glasses are elegant and widely recognized as the finest & excellent craft beer glasses available today. Now, you can also become a beer connoisseur and relish the taste of our Indian Pale Ale (IPA) and stout beer in the limited beer Teku glasses with our monkey mascot image which makes it even more appealing.

Teku Glass

So, time to roll out some fun and shop the Bira 91 glasses from our service ware collection. Gift the merch to your friends and family or shop to keep the beer fizz up for a long time - either way, you will be delighted.

Stay contented!

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