4 Gifting Ideas For The Next At-Home Party!

Selecting a gift for a beer lover can be a daunting task. While most beer lovers are also collectors or in some cases, hoarders, it can be a bit of a challenge to excite them with a unique gift that they haven't already bought or kept in their cabinet. But, when it comes to figuring out what to gift them, we have only a selective options to choose from. Within India, the idea of gifting liquor and its accessories is gradually becoming a norm. 

While the idea of gifting a bottle of liquor is usually well-received, no matter the occasion. However, the idea has become a tad boring which is why we have come up with a solution. Yes, you read that right! A beer lover is not always about giving an alcohol bottle to them or gifting the exquisite brand.  Mugs or glasses to accompany with fun games, etc. can be just the gifts to take the overall experience to another level. 

We suggest you take a look at our recommendations for the next gift shopping you are planning for your family & your friends. While most of us wouldn't prefer going out for parties, we can always bring home the drinking experience and make it more special with Bira 91 Bar Essentials.  These options are also brilliant for the parties you & your buddies are planning to host - trust us, these gifts will add up to your gala time! Give them individually or shop for a bunch of exciting goodies from Bira91.

Just Gifting a Bottle?

Accompany the gift with the unique mugs, a set of 2, that features your favorite Blonde Summer Monkey Mascot. Buy beer mugs online as this 500 ml mug fits a pint perfectly, so you and your friends can have a plenty!

Beer + Beeropoly = Too Much Fun!

Time to add some fun to the next party you have with your buddies. Carry our Beeropoly board game and start the weekend on the happiest note with a game that's best enjoyed with beer. Bonus: If you don't know anyone at the party, then this game is a must, gift them to break the ice and get the party rolling. Rules? Two or more players can play this game, roll the dice and complete challenges along the way.

Carry Your Comfort!

It's safe to say that most of us are not going to step out and leave our comfort zones - our humble abode. Whether it's for festivities or get-togethers, house parties have become the new preferred way to have some fun. If you & your friends are doing the same this year then gift them the luxury of comfort. Yes, we are talking about our cushion covers with the coolest prints that will add jazz to your living room.

Poker Night!

We have saved the best gifting option for last. Our festive poker set is a must-have for all the parties. Poker game and drinks go hand in hand and there is nothing better than giving a nice game set with bottle. With 200 chips, 1 deck of playing cards, a dealer token and an all-in token, we are sure your friends are going to love this gift!

There you go! Didn't we tell you that we will suggest the finest gifting options to give to your buddies? Check the rest of the collection and shop all your at-home gifting essentials for a fun-tastic party!

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