Stock up on quirky and fun t-shirts for every mood, every day!

Every wardrobe needs a set of go-to t-shirts that fit almost every occasion, whether you’re looking to make a statement with the color or with the graphics; whether you just want to hang out in the city, at a bar or hit the gym – you just can’t go wrong with a t-shirt.

The quintessential item is versatile, to say the least. It can be paired with almost anything you have in your wardrobe. It can work as a base layer or make a loud statement piece on its own. T-shirts have surely seen the changing trends in fashion, yet managed to stick as a wardrobe staple through the years. Furthermore, if you are someone who loves doing #ootds with t-shirts, then you are at the right spot. We have got a collection of the coolest t-shirt options for anyone who likes to pair them up with anything & everything.  Let’s check out some fun & quirky Bira 91 t-shirts for different moods, for different days. 

1. Always Summer Ready?

Summer is a few months away but are you already anticipating the hot season? It is the season of colors, cheer and comfort clothing. Let’s be honest, it’s that time of the year when everything seems better, the mood is brighter and less grumpy.

Don’t wait any longer to feel the bliss & vibrancy in the winter season as Bira has the coolest tees that will uplift your mood in a jiffy.  Opt for these summer t-shirts offered in blue & white colors, printed with a surfboard and Bira mascot that will fetch you many compliments. Pair these t-shirts with a cozy pair of denim jacket& jeans for a regular day look in the winters.

2. Weekend Motivation

We certainly know by the end of the weekdays, there’s little to no motivation left to do anything except for crashing in your bed on a Saturday night. So, get up and add jazz to your life with the stock-up tee that is here to motivate you to stock up, refill & repeat.

3. Passion for Cricket?

Don’t hold the passion for cricket in your heart when you can exhibit it through trendy t-shirts with Bira 91 mascot swinging the cricket bat for the ultimate super six. Now you can sport your passion for cricket and look cool in Bira 91 t-shirts. Whether you’re heading for a cricket match at the stadium or watching it with a bunch of friends at a house party – you can display your love for the game with vigor, warmth and style. Get your friends talking about the Bira cricket t-shirt available in three colors, dark grey, navy & white.

4. Are you the AdGuru?

Make a bold statement and let your creative juices flow in the perfect t-shirt that is edgy, fun, and quirky. Wear the AdMan t-shirt to let everyone in the room know who the ultimate AdGuru is!

5. Wear your imagination!

Ever since the late ’90s, t-shirts have worked as a canvas to project your thoughts, imagination, and feelings. With powerful imagery on a t-shirt, you can speak volumes without having to speak, which is why we have got a very special collection of “make play” t-shirts that encourages action & imagination. The motto is to: do what you love & create, don’t hate. Make play t-shirts are illustrated with fun & upbeat aesthetic art that in itself is a great expression that makes it versatile and stand-out from the rest.

6. Dive into the waters!

If you are as passionate about scuba as our marketing team is, then you have found your jersey in the right place. Drop everything and be ready to dive into the Bira 91 drinks in a scuba t-shirt.

7. Weekend wait is over!

Get rid of the weekday blues and get started for the weekend already with Bira weekend tees that will uplift your spirits. Kick back over the weekend with your friends, grab coolers and wear the coolest t-shirts available online with Bira 91 mascot. It’s time to add some quirk and fun to your monotonous life and what better way to do this than with Bira weekend t-shirts. So stock up on these t-shirts and wear #TheWeekendMood on your sleeve, literally.

8. Be the definition of Bira 91!

What’s a better way to celebrate the brand you love and have cherished for years than by wearing its t-shirt? Sport your love for Bira 91 in uber-cool black Tee that speaks the mantra- ‘Imagined in India, for the world’. If you resonate with Bira 91 slogan then drop everything and gift yourself & your Bira pals the mega-cool t-shirt.

9. Keep it cool, keep it light!

The first thing that any person notices about another person is how well they are dressed up and while there are many ways to look unique and eye-pleasing, with Bira 91 'keep it light' t-shirt, you’re not only going to look edgy but make a great first impression. So, flaunt your personality in ‘keep it light’ t-shirt and don’t forget to be active, have fun & keep it light.

10. Too cool for school?

If you are too cool for the basic tees then this is exactly what you need in your wardrobe. Don the t-shirt and pair it up with comfy joggers, bucket cap along with a thick gold chain to twin with the mascot printed on the t-shirt. Now you can dance to the hip hop beats in this clever, unapologetic and quirky tee from Bira 91.

11. Hot stuff!

Are you a chili head in the real sense and can you see yourself topping the Scoville heat chart? If yes is your answer then this t-shirt is the one you should cop right away. Let the world know your passion for the heat with the uber-cool design printed on a black tee. It’s the hottest this season!

12. Need some space in life?

Whether you lack space in your life, or you really are an avid space geek – let the world know how you really feel in this cool t-shirt. It captures our mascot taking a space voyage, the design embodies Bira 91’s Management Trainee program called “The Orbit”. Regardless, we know it’s not just the design that captured your eye, but the fact that you will never find a design so cool in a regular store.

13. Not your average superhero!

Well, if you are tired and in need of some rest then it’s high time that you grab Bira 91 and sit back & chill in our “heroes after dark” tee because heroes need downtime too. This t-shirt captures our favorite superhero and the design is our take on how a Bira 91 lover would unwind.

Shop for urban-cool designs from Bira 91 now!

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