The Best Way to Fight Air Pollution

The pollution level in Delhi touches heights yet again. The quality of the air we are breathing in is immensely hazardous. This air pollution contributes in many fatal diseases and respiratory problems. The two major pollutants that are extremely dangerous for human health are PM2.5 and PM10. Unfortunately in the recent times, the PM2.5 and PM10 levels are going up to 575 and 898 respectively. This is sickening since the safe levels of these pollutants are 60 and 100.

Given these stats, there’s a grave need for preventive measures against this unhealthy situation. Out of the many recommended ways, here are some of our picks that are relatively easy to work out:

  • Wash your hands every time you go out and maintain a basic hygiene all the time. That way you’ll be able to keep off the dust particles from getting into your system.
  • Don’t over exert! Minimize exertion and over exercising as it prompts you to breathe excessively.
  • Avoid going out for morning and evening walks as the pollution level is at its max during these times.
  • Eat a piece of jaggery every day as it is an excellent cleansing agent that aids in removing toxins from the body.
  • Get yourself an air pollution mask. There’s nothing like it!

Air Pollution Mask and its advantage

Wearing an air mask certainly helps in reducing the chances of inhaling harmful substances from the air around you. It filters the air that reaches you.

With a rise in pollution, we require the best anti-pollution protection for kids and adults. Cambridge N99 air pollution mask by Bira91 is the best anti pollution mask in India that guarantees consistent filtration of more than 99% of particulate pollution including PM10, PM 2.5 & PM0.3. Better Air 91 comes with N99 filter certification which will protect adults and kids from smog and harmful pollutants. Click here to know more about the N99 mask:

Happy breathing!

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